Friday, April 6, 2012

This was a great night. It is wonderful to be able to celebrate all of the long and rather lonely hours working in the studio. As an artist, we are hidden from the world, working out our ideas, staying in that quiet space to listen to the inner promptings as our ideas transform into material reality. It is times like these, events that allow all of us to bring our work into the light, be seen by others, and celebrate a;; of our hard work. The California Art Club is an organization that upholds the tradition of honoring artists through the years, giving dignity and a true sense of value to a discipline that is so essential to our quality of life.Art fill us with hope, and gives us all a chance to reflect on life through the eyes and hearts of others, bringing us all together in a way that is profound and memorable. Thank you California Art Club for this great honor.

Peter Adams, myself, Christopher Slatoff and David Gallup of the California Art Club.

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