Friday, April 6, 2012

Sharing work can be tricky, expecially when the work is in progress. So many changes can take place during the making of a piece, some subtle, some dramatic. I have been called brave by my colleagues, but I believe that looking at work undone is how we learn. If it is all wrapped up in a nice finish, we don't get a chance to see the thought behind how an artwork evolves. Sculpture is plain hard, dirty, and sometimes dangerous work. We must be engineers to get our armatures to hold up heavy clay, we do a thousand drawings in one piece, we try to find the whispers that eventually give a work life, sometimes they fade and we feel despair. Creativity is an elusive and fickle sprite, and we are subject to the whims of creativity however it presents itself. In sharing my work I hope to see the work in a slightly different light, reflect on a new angle, even the distortion of the camera lens can sharpen my observations as a piece develops. Or just simply taking a moment to hear the encouragement of others who share in the same maddeningly beautiful pursuit, I gather my strength to go at again for a few more hours, and hopefully, when all is said (and shared 60, 70, 80 times to my very patient friends) will be job well done.
This was a great night. It is wonderful to be able to celebrate all of the long and rather lonely hours working in the studio. As an artist, we are hidden from the world, working out our ideas, staying in that quiet space to listen to the inner promptings as our ideas transform into material reality. It is times like these, events that allow all of us to bring our work into the light, be seen by others, and celebrate a;; of our hard work. The California Art Club is an organization that upholds the tradition of honoring artists through the years, giving dignity and a true sense of value to a discipline that is so essential to our quality of life.Art fill us with hope, and gives us all a chance to reflect on life through the eyes and hearts of others, bringing us all together in a way that is profound and memorable. Thank you California Art Club for this great honor.

Peter Adams, myself, Christopher Slatoff and David Gallup of the California Art Club.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I love to look at other's works in progress. It gives me insight as to approach in the artistic process. Here is a look at the work I have going in my studio.

California Art Club Gold Medal Show - April 1-22

Wow, what an event!! This year's California Art Club Gold Medal Show Gala night was an amazing, wonderful thrill for me. Winning anything as an artist is beyond wonderful, and to win this year's gold medal is really an honor. I have admired the sculptors in this show for years, and so to be included in this group is a great feeling. I cannot thank my colleagues enough for this very special acknowledgement. I made some new friends, reconnected with old ones, and look forward to the months activities. I will be greeting on April 11th and 18th. That will be a fun time! I also will be there on the 22nd for the sculpt out. That will be a blast! I hope to see you there on those days.
Getting ready to deliver the sculptures

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Silence of No, Figure 2 - details

A few shots detailing the second figure in the "Silence of No" series. This work is hollow built, fired in the kiln, and finished with paint.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Earlier work - 2010

This was started while at my studio in LA. It was destroyed in the move, so all I have are these photos.